Human Detector Shop



Laser scanner for the protection of paintings and exhibits in museums and exhibitions


Securing exhibits, works of art and exhibits in museums and exhibitions is easy with the Human Detector technique. In special cases (see below) the combination of Human Detector systems with laser scanners makes sense.


• Securing walls with several paintings

• Securing high sculptures made of non-conductive material

• Securing large exhibits made of wood or other non-conductive material

• Securing of large pedestals (no installation of Human Detector sensors possible)




The laser scanner sets up an invisible curtain in front of or around the exhibit to be protected. If a person penetrates this curtain, an alarm is triggered immediately.

heddier electronic
offers different laser scanner systems for various tasks:



Laser scanner
up to 4 m




Laser scanner
up to 25 m HD-LSS25


Laserscanner für StromschienePower rail-
laser scanner
up to 5.5 m HD-PR

Laserscanner für Stromschiene

Platform laser scanner
up to 5.5 m HD-PSV
und HD-PSH