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Protection of automobiles in museums and collectionsInstallation

Installation within a few minutes

The costs of an overall solution are not only determined by the purchase price. It is rather much more important to keep installation costs at a low level. The Human Detector sensors can be easily mounted onto the vehicle. Even a person without any technical background is capable of carrying out the installation after a short induction or reading the manual. The protection of individual vehicles is completed in this way. In case of an alarm a loud acoustic sound is triggered.

Several Human Detector sensors can be networked with the Human Detector centre via encrypted radio technology. Existing alarm systems are connected to the control centre. The Human Detector System controls surveillance cameras and video recording devices. Alarm states are reported on smartphones or networked computer. You can see your vehicles at any time via smartphone.

We recommend the installation of the radio network and the connection of alarm- and video surveillance equipment to be carried out by skilled technicians. We are happy to provide names of suitable companies, or the installation of the system can be carried out by our own service technicians.

Human Detector - a system growing with its tasks

The Human Detector can be operated in a range of different configuration stages. The possibilities range from the protection of individual vehicles with a local acoustic alarm to the protection of entire showrooms, museums and collections. They can be also distributed over separate locations or several floors, if required.

Operation without networking

The protection of vehicles from physical contact is often requested at exhibitions. It is often sufficient to sound a short warning signal. Careless visitors are warned and staff are made aware of the situation. The Human Detector modules are mounted to the vehicle and are not networked via radio. The system can also be networked at a later stage.

Operation with networking

The Human Detector modules are connected to the Human Detector centre via radio. It comprises a loud alarm siren, emergency power supply as well as ports for connecting external alarm- and surveillance devices. The radio transmission is of a high standard. Availability and condition of the batteries in the Human Detector modules are continuously monitored. Failure and attempted manipulation are therefore detected at an early stage.

The networked operation represents the ideal solution for deployment in collections and car dealerships. Visitors and interested parties are not disturbed by acoustic alarms from the vehicle. The recording of all alarm conditions and the subsequent processing of these is carried out at a central location. Recordings and configurations are carried out by a PC. Multilingual control software is included in the consignment.

Standardised interfaces offer flexibility for further expansion

The Human Detector centre comprises 8 digital outputs and 1 NC- alarm output. Additional devices such as sirens, alarm systems, personal paging systems, surveillance cameras or telephone diallers can be connected. Each Human Detector sensor is capable of triggering an individual alarm. Actions are triggered according to the level of threat. The alarms can be documented and recorded with the help of a computer.

Intelligent deployment of video technology

The Human Detector centre controls up to 255 surveillance cameras and network recording devices from different manufacturers with the help of the acknowledged Pelco protocol. All unwanted actions, such as touching of vehicles, can therefore be recorded. Movable PTZ-cameras are precisely directed towards the required object. The monitoring and recording is carried out automatically and does not require additional staff.

Alarm messages and pictures on your smartphone

Messages are send to smartphones and computers via optionally connected network recording devices. In the case of an alarm an alert is sent via e-mail or SMS. Video images can be checked from anywhere in the world to enable you to decide on the required course of action. You are able to view your vehicles via smartphone, irrespective of an alarm occurring.

Brochure Human Detector in motor museums
Brochure Human Detector for private car collectors and museums

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