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Intelligent Video Surveillance

Intelligent video surveillance deters potential offenders and thus contributes to the proactive protection of assets and objects. You have full control at all times, should an undesired incident occur, and perpetrators and circumstances of a case can be determined by means of photographic evidence. By using appropriate recording devices, this is still possible even after days and weeks.

heddier electronic has been working with the products of Hikvision for many years with great success. Hikvision is the world leader in this field and offers a large range of cameras, network recorders, components and accessories. Upon request products from other manufacturers can also be supported.

The potential applications of video surveillance technology can be divided into two large areas.

Video Surveillance of privately owned or Commercial objects

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  • Protection of private real estate at home and abroad
  • Protection of commercial property
  • Monitoring of car parks
  • Protection against vandalism, i. e. graffiti
  • Protection against burglary
  • Protection against damages caused by shunting vehicles
  • Protection against theft of stock goods
  • Protection against theft of recyclable material
  • ... and many more.

By combining the Hikvision video technology with our Human Detector technology camera systems can be controlled in an intelligent manner. This reduces costs and increases the effectiveness of the surveillance. We have the expertise for the legal application of the technology and support you with relevant contract templates for your employees.

Video Surveillance in the Museum








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The combination of video surveillance and the Human Detector security technology enables the effective protection of museums and exhibitions. Cameras are automatically directed towards the relevant exhibit. No attack or misconduct of a visitor remains undetected. The requirements of relevant data protection acts are fulfilled.

In addition the modern video technology covers a crucial area in the surveillance of large scale exhibits. Large stone statues, protected buildings and fa├žades can be monitored with this intelligent video technology. The acquired intelligence can be processed further with the Human Detector technology. This enables the complete monitoring of your exhibition.

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