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reliefSecuring wall reliefs

Wall reliefs can be compared with paintings and pictures. However, they often differ in the choice of material and geometric depth. Wall reliefs are very common in sacred art and larger installations.

The laser scanner is ideal for securing reliefs. The material of the object is irrelevant here. The HD-LSS25 laser scanner has a maximum detection range of 25 m and can therefore also secure large installations, such as in archaeological museums. The compact HD-LSS4 laser scanner has a range of 4 m and is ideally suited for most individual reliefs. The detection range can be individually limited for all laser scanners. If the museum is a building with listed ceilings, an HD-PSV vertical platform laser scanner can be mounted on the floor. Here, the detection range is 5.5 m. If there are energy or light rails near the exhibition walls, it is recommended to use the HD-PR laser scanner. It is simply hung in the light rail. 
In rare cases, reliefs are attached to thin steel cables on the ceiling. In this case, the HDF-HANG sensor module can be used. It detects cutting of the holding rope or lifting of the exhibit. Occasionally wall reliefs are secured with the capacitive sensor HDF-TOUCH. This is recommended for exhibits with a small spatial depth or for wooden reliefs with a large amount of gold leaf. Exhibits of this type are common in sacred art.

The following systems are used for securing wall reliefs:
hdf door

hdf door

hdf extern hd psv 300x300


Securing hanging wall reliefs


Capacitive protection of
thin wall reliefs


for connecting laser scanners


Laser scanner for relief protection



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