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Human Detector

HDF-BUZZER and the "strong backbone"shop


The functions available in MULTI-Mode require a stable and secure radio connection. Backbone is the common term for a network that connects different components.

The Human Detector Flex technology is one of the few alarm systems to use spread spectrum modulation. This enables ranges of up to 1.5 km in open field. Unlike WiFi and Bluetooth, the radio signal of the Human Detector Flex systems also penetrates thicker brick walls and concrete floors. To ensure this, the signal strength is checked during each transmission.

Despite the long range, the sensor and alarm modules only work with a commercially available button cell (starting price € 0.60). With few exceptions, the modules have battery lifetimes of several years. The stable operation, the few battery changes and the possibility of remote support (Configurator software) reduce the follow-up costs after purchase to a minimum.

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