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shopHDF-BUZZER and the supported operating modes  

The Human Detector Flex alarm center HDF-BUZZER can be used in all three operating modes. The EASY- and MULTI-Mode are described below. The explanation of the PROFI-Mode can be found in HDF-AMD Alarm management.


easy modeEASY-Mode is suitable for small to medium installations. A maximum of 30 sensor or alarm modules can be connected wirelessly to one radio control unit. All modules show the same alarm characteristics. No additional hardware or software is required. The modules are connected to the radio control centre by pressing a button. The operation is intuitive and simple. The EASY-Mode deliberately dispenses with the use of additional software. This enables even first-time users and technically inexperienced users to quickly familiarise themselves with the system. The EASY-Mode offers possibilities that are otherwise only known from more expensive systems.


"Small" can be turned into "Big" at any time. All components used so far can still be used in MULTI-Mode. The Configurator software offers various additional functions. It can be used free of charge in the version valid at that time. The use of MULTI-Mode requires some training for the Configurator software. Training and technical support is on offer through us and our various partners. The Configurator software allows you to plan the security of your exhibition down to the smallest detail. All required backup products and desired behaviour of the products are first entered into the Configurator software. If you wish to proceed with the installation, enter the serial numbers of the Human Detector Flex units you have purchased. The programme automatically generates the control files for the radio control centres. These can now be transferred to the central units and saved as a project. The encryption and password protection used for data transfer offer a high level of security.

In MULTI-Mode, you adapt the mode of operation of the safety technology used exactly to your needs. Each sensor or alarm module operates with specific behaviour, if required. Connection to burglar alarm systems or paging systems is possible via the control unit of the three floating relay outputs. Individual sensors can be assigned to different radio control centres. This enables the easy forwarding of alarm messages to security personnel or authorities. This leads to a significant reduction in the workload of your supervising staff. A short alarm, for example, can be generated in the showroom. This warns the misbehaving visitor without disturbing other visitors. The room supervisor, who is responsible for several exhibition areas, receives a discreet message at a central location. Depending on the type and duration of the sound, staff will know in which part of the exhibition the alarm was triggered. The supervisor can now assess the situation and intervene as required. This ensures safety within the exhibition. At the same time, the ambience and tranquillity is increased. In addition to the choice of alert channels, functions such as activating/deactivating the radio control unit and acknowledgement of individual alarms are available.  

multi modeThe Configurator software provides a clear overview, even with more complex installations. The implementation can be planned in advance down to the last detail. Subsequent changes are possible at any time and are automatically documented. The days where one lost track due to constant changes and adjustments are over. The projects saved by the Configurator software provide comprehensive documentation. This documentation can still be used many years later. This is a powerful tool for building technicians in museums, designers of building services and installers of alarm systems. Inexperienced clients can be effectively supported in their work by using the project files.

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