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Video Surveillance of Private and Commercial Properties

When monitoring private and commercial properties there is a requirement to strike a balance between deterrence, efficiency and costs. The world leader Hikvision offer a large range of surveillance cameras for this purpose.The cameras from this manufacturer in general distinguish themselves from devices available from discounters or special offers from high street shops. The systems for instance are accommodated in solid aluminium housings for outdoor use and are IP66 rated for a high level of protection against moisture and other environmental impacts.

Depending on the desired application surveillance cameras are either installed in full view or hidden. A range of different camera models is available to choose from.  Whatever the application, legal requirements must be complied with.

When required we will combine the video technology with our Human Detector security technology. This enables moveable cameras (so called PTZ cameras) to be directed straight to the location of any incident. This procedure ensures the provision of high quality photographic material and reduces costs by eliminating the need to install additional cameras.

The photographic footage can then be recorded. Offences and other misdemeanour can therefore be addressed even at a later time. And of course you have safe access to your surveillance systems at any time via smart phone or internet.

However, the process of implementing video surveillance for the monitoring of objects should commence with thorough expert consultation, which is necessary to ensure a successful surveillance, the compliance with legal requirements and the analysis of costs.

We would be very happy to provide further advice and a no obligation quotation. For your first consultation contact us now on

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