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Monitoring of automobiles in parking lots/houses

heddier electronic GmbH designs special solutions around the Human Detector Flex technology for different areas of application. The aim is to develop economically profitable and innovative systems. In doing so, the advantages of the Human Detector Flex technology - such as the extremely low power consumption and the high transmission range - are to be used.

The possibility of protecting vehicles in public parking areas and in dealer parking lots shows how versatile Human Detector Flex technology is.

hdf 3d protect use

Problem definition:

Theft of exclusive vehicles in public parking garages and underground garages is widespread. The perpetrators preferentially target cars such as Porsche 911 (all model years) and large SUVs of the BMW and Mercedes brands. The exclusive vehicles parked here are often registered as second or third cars and are often located in marked long-term parking spaces. With appropriate rolling aids, the vehicles are pulled out of the parking garages and stolen.

However, gangs of thieves also regularly visit car dealerships at night. In dealership parking lots, they often attempt to steal car airbags and catalytic converters from RVs on a large scale.  

Problem solution:

An HDF-3D PROTECT alarm sensor is placed on the steering wheel with a retaining clip. The easily recognizable position of the sensor signals to a potential thief that the vehicle is secured. The alarm sensor mounted in this way reliably detects

  • all types of attempted break-ins
  • jacking up the vehicle to remove the wheels
  • the theft of catalytic converters with battery-powered cutters
  • smashing windows and prying open doors

In addition, in public parking garages

  • collisions with other vehicles and shopping carts
  • and various types of vandalism

can be monitored. The alarm sensor detects the above "attacks" and reports them by radio to an alarm center (HDF-BUZZER or HDF-SPEECH). The range can be up to several hundred meters. Concrete ceilings and walls do not pose any problems.

The operator has several options in case of an alarm:

  • A loud siren is triggered and a security guard/employee is called. This immediately deters thieves.
  • The alarm is forwarded to an external agency (e.g. security service) and appropriate measures are initiated.
  • Video surveillance is switched on to record what is happening around the vehicle.
  • In small or private underground garages, the alarm can also be forwarded to alarm centres (HDF-AMD).

Due to the low cost of the HDF-3D PROTECT sensor modules, the easy connection via radio and the long battery life of the sensor modules of 6 years, an economic deployment is feasible. Security providers can offer the Human Detector Flex in combination with their guarding service or video surveillance. They improve their service and can simply charge the customer for the additional service. It is possible to open up new business areas in

  • Car dealerships,
  • mobile home dealers,
  • underground and parling garages,
  • and public parking lots.

This creates a win/win situation for the security provider and the customer. Corresponding trials and test installations have been carried out positively. Insurers such as Mannheimer/Belmot are showing great interest in the solutions.

For further information please contact

Dipl.-Ing. Clemens Heddier

Tel +49 (0) 2864 95 178-0

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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