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pokaleSecuring porcelain, earthenware, cups and trophies

Porcelain, earthenware, cups and trophies are understood to be various small items. Here, we are not talking about the individual securing of high-value exhibits. Rather, it is a matter of efficiently securing a large number of exhibits such as those found in castles and in aristocratic houses. Historic buildings place increased demands on security technology and its installation.

Basically, complete cabinets or shelves with small goods can be secured. Different laser scanners can be used for this purpose. Objects made of metal are simply monitored with the HDF-TOUCH capacitive alarm sensor. The alarm module HDF-WIRE offers the possibility to connect two independent wrecking wires. These wires are hair-thin (0.1 mm) and break at a tensile force of less than 1 kg. If the tear-off wire is threaded into the objects to be secured, effective and very low-cost protection against theft is possible. In the event of an alarm, the tear-off wire must be re-contacted afterwards.

The following systems are used for securing porcelain, earthenware, cups and trophies:
hdf wire

hdf door

hdf extern hd psv 300x300


for securing objects with tear-off wires


for securing metallic objects


for connecting laser scanners


for easy monitoring of cabinets and shelves



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