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The HDF-AMD automatically monitors all activities and alarms in your museum. Alarm messages are routed directly to  supervisors or assigned offices without staff deployment. The professional solution avoids the exhibition being disturbed by alarm sounds, if desired. The HDF-AMD system is a forward-looking and innovative form of alarm monitoring and processing.

alarmzentraleDue to its various alarm control units and sensor modules the Human Detector Flex alarm system is the ideal basis for effectively securing and guarding exhibitions, collections and luxury goods. Operators quite often do not wish to disturb visitors of the exhibition with acoustic alarms from the alarm system. Private collectors may wish to have alarm messages sent to their digital devices. Video control centres were therefore installed in large museums for example with specially trained staff. The alarm centres control the room supervisors by radio and direct them to the exact location where the alarm was triggered. The HDF-AMD radio system can take over the task independently. The so-called alarm management unit evaluates all alarm messages and forwards them immediately to the smartphones of the responsible room supervisors or - in smaller buildings - the monitoring tablet at the checkout counter. There is no need for the usual siren sounds and voice messages, if required. The room attendants receive information about the alarm in spoken language through an earpiece connected to the smartphone. The HDF-AMD offers various additional functions for comprehensive alarm management.


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Convenience, increased security and cost reduction through alarm management

The Human Detector Flex system offers the possibility to expand your security technology with a modern alarm management system. This extension can be set up retrospectively for all existing installations, regardless of whether they are operated in EASY- or MULTI-Mode. The HDF-AMD unit is installed on your premises for this purpose. The compact device comprise three antennas and thus reliably receives all radio communication from the alarm sensors and radio control centres used. Several HDF-AMD can be combined with each other. hdf amd arrowThe initial installation of the HDF-AMD is easy and straightforward with the Configurator software. The installation enables the operator to use various new functions. These demonstrate the great flexibility of the security system and offer applications that are otherwise only known from larger control centres. This operating mode is called PROFI-Mode, to distinguish the gained functionality between EASY- and MULTI-Mode. 


Support guards and supervisors

hdf amd manIt is important for supervisors and guards to recognise which alarm sensors are triggered. If the alarm sounds are the same, however, it is difficult to interpret which exhibit triggered the alarm. This problem is solved with the PROFI-Mode in the Human Detector Flex system. All alarm messages are sent to a normal smartphone. Expensive pagers are not required. The room supervisors receive all alarm messages displayed on their smartphone via HDF-SUPERVISOR app. By using this app, the smartphone can stay in the supervisor's jacket pocket. The alarm message is output with the relevant location in clear language through an earpiece - "Alarm Rubens Painting Room 3". Staff can then be deployed quickly and precisely and across various rooms, if required. Additional information, such as acknowledging the nominal condition of exhibits through an image or alarm messages at the object, simplify the work of the supervising staff. The HDF-SUPERVISOR app can be activated at any time for a monthly. 

Alarm-by-Silence - Exhibitions without interfering noise

There is a fine line when using security technology in museums where warning alarm sounds tend to disrupt an exhibition. Without doubt alarm sounds must be loud and act as a deterrent. But, if it occurs more frequently, it will be perceived to be a nuisance. With the Human Detector Flex technology there is no more need for disruptive alarm sounds at the protected object. On the other hand, it is possible to issue short warning tones or voice messages at selectable locations in the exhibition. This reduces disturbances of exhibitions by alarm messages to a minimum or to zero.

However, the improved "exhibition atmosphere" achieved in this way must not lead to reduced security. That is why the alarm management device sends various alarm messages to smartphones and tablets on request. This takes place with maximum transmission safety and in a fraction of a second.


IoT Ready - Open interface for future extensions

hdf amd iotThe Human Detector Flex system allows for the connection of IoT sensors. The HDF-AMD unit provides the platform to securely transmit data from e.g. temperature, humidity and light sensors over long distances. For this purpose, the system is equipped with a special radio module. This can be used to monitor a variety of environmental variables in exhibitions. These range from monitoring temperatures to the intelligent control of light.

Maintaining environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity and light intensity play a decisive role in preserving and protecting works of art and exhibits. The Human Detector Flex system is capable of implementing a large variety of components. More detailed information can be obtained from us on request.

Secure connection

The Human Detector Flex system uses the MQTT protocol to transfer information between the HDF-AMD alarm management units and the output devices. The protocol was specifically developed for the transmission of data and messages in a secure and extremely fast form. Modern encryption, complex passwords, certificates and other protection mechanisms guarantee secure transmission between the HDF-AMD unit and the connected smartphones. External devices or institutions such as intrusion alarm systems, video surveillance systems or control centres can be securely connected based on the MQTT protocol.

Individual parts of the Human Detector Flex system can be made redundant, if required. This ensures the overall function in case of failure of one unit. Even in the event of a complete failure of network functions, the  basic function of the Human Detector Flex technology remains intact. 

Intelligent control of alarm centres

With appropriate rights staff can activate or deactivate certain alarm centres for a short period of time via smartphone. This is helpful, for example, when guided tours are taking place in otherwise secured areas of the building. Likewise, the surveillance of individual exhibits or entire groups can be switched off. This is useful for regular cleaning work or for guided tours of selected exhibits. All activities can be monitored and logged at supervisory level.


Increased safety through detection of jammers

hdf antijamIt is possible, in principle, to connect the radio alarm control panels (HDF-BUZZER and HDF-SPEECH) by cable to external systems such as burglar alarm systems. The use of wireless radio technology offers several advantages in terms of installation and the wiring work which is no longer necessary as a result. The transmission signal used by the Human Detector Flex enables a secure connection over longer distances. To reduce the risk of jamming, an additional protective measure can be activated in PROFI-Mode. The optional anti-jamming unit HDF-ANTIJAM is used for this purpose. The pilot transmitter sends a control signal that is monitored by the HDF-AMD alarm management system. Manipulation and interference is thus detected.



Technology Wireless radio unit with Ethernet interface and Linux operating system
Receive frequency 869,5 MHz
Receive sensitivity -121 dBm alarms, -116 dBm IoT platform 
Transmitter output +15 dBm, +13 dBm IoT platform
LED 3 x 5 mm red indicating radio operation,
2 x 5 mm green and yellow LED for programming functions
Interfaces Ethernet-Port RJ45, WLAN for configuration *1
Antennas 3 Whip antenna with 90° bend, SMA connector (male)
Main functions Wall installation via lateral retaining lugs
Monitoring strength of receive signal
Supporting all operating modes (no restriction on the number of modules)
Alarm voice output on smartphone with optional HDF-SUPERVISOR app *2
Monitoring of alarm confirmations from the radio control centres *3
Monitoring activation/deactivation of the radio control centres *3
Secure forwarding of alarm messages to external service providers *4
Assigning individual alarm sensors to different receivers
Detection of jamming devices (optional with HDF-ANTIJAM)
IoT platform for applications with data transfer (e.g. temperature control) *5
Supply voltage 230 VAC, 50 Hz (mains adapter included) *6
Dimensions 129 mm (L) x 155,6 mm (W) x 45 mm (H) 
322 mm (L) x 206 mm (W) x 45 mm (H) with antennas *7
Weight 565 g (incl. plug-in power supply)
Material of casing Impact-resistant plastic ABS UL94V-1
Protection class IP20 (EN 60529)
Temperature range -10° C to +60° C if powered
Humidity 0-95%, non-condensing
Content of delivery HDF-AMD wireless unit, power supply and 3 antennas
Conformity EN 61000-6-2; EN 61000-6-3; EN 62368-1; EN 63311
ETSI EN 301489-1, ETSI EN 301489-3, ETSI EN 300220-2; EN 63000 (RoHS)

1 The HDF-CONFIGURATOR software is used for configuration. Available to download or in digital format on request.
*2 Supporting digital end devices with the Android operating system.
*3 For monitoring alarm confirmation and activation/deactivation, an HDF-EXTERN module must be connected to the radio control units.
*4 The connection of external service providers is an additional service via standardised MQTT interface (ISO/IEC 20922:2016)
*5 The IoT platform for data transmission serves as a basis for future or customised projects. Please contact our technical sales department for more information.
*6 If required, the HDF-AMD radio unit can also be operated without a plug-in power supply unit; operating voltage is 10-13.2 V DC, 2A.
*7 The supplied antennas can be replaced by external antennas or can be bent. Dimensions change therefore accordingly.

Specifications are subject to change without prior notice. All measurements were performed under specific conditions.

DISCLAIMER: This document, as well as all other documents (offers / specifications / letters / etc.), do not guarantee any functionality of our products desired by the customer. heddier electronic GmbH does not guarantee any functionality or marketability desired by the customer. The customer should be able to make his own decision on the basis of the transmitted documents. heddier electronic GmbH supports him in this as far as it is given by the "General Terms and Conditions of Delivery and Business of heddier electronic GmbH".

In no event will heddier electronic GmbH be responsible for damages of any nature whatsoever resulting from the use of or reliance upon information from this document or the products to which the information refers. Excluded from this are damages caused by negligent behavior or damages regulated by superior laws.


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