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Spectacular art thefts, such as the theft of the Big Marple Leaf coin in the Bode Museum or the burglary in the Green Vault in Dresden, have shown a broad public that art theft on a grand scale is feasible. According to estimates by property insurers, art and cultural assets worth 6 - 8 billion EURO are stolen worldwide every year. In the DACH countries (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) alone, 2500 works of art are stolen every year. By far the most thefts take place during normal opening hours. But banks, insurance companies and private collectors are also targets for art thieves.

This fact poses a great challenge. It is necessary to secure one's own collection. In addition, many lenders and insurance companies demand appropriate protection for the art objects in temporary exhibitions. Increasing the number of guards may be a good solution, but it is certainly an extremely expensive one.

Many museums and collections would like to purchase suitable security technology. Due to the lack of budgeting in the households and the necessity of the legally prescribed tenders, this is often not possible in the short time period.

We would like to offer you a cost-effective solution!

You rent the necessary components from us! For example, the alarm sensor (HDF-3D PROTECT) for contactless securing of an image costs approx. 7.00 EUR per week. The additional handling fee already includes times for technical support.

HDF-OPTICALExample of sample exhibition:

A temporary art exhibition has 3 paintings worthy of protection and 3 showcases to be secured.
The exhibition duration is 3 months (12 weeks).
The following costs are incurred during the 12 weeks:
1 x HDF-BUZZER alarm centre (weekly rent 13,70 EUR) 164,40 EUR
3 x HDF-OPTICAL Protection of paintings (weekly rent 5,95 EUR) 214,20 EUR
3 x HDF-3D PROTECTProtection of showcases (weekly rental 5,95 EUR) 214,20 EUR
1 x Processing and service fee 250,00 EUR
Total costs 842,80 EUR
The costs do not include VAT.

Enquiry about renting security technology
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